Past: ORH_v2016.1

Our third Worcester event in January 2016 at Worcester Academy was full of firsts! It was our most-attended event, Intro-level and Advanced-level breakout sessions, great speakers and panel, more exhibitors, and an expanded Treasure Hunt complete with home grown traffic lights and a “water filtration plant” that needed rescuing from evil attackers bent on destruction. (OK, that last bit was a little over the top – but not much.)

Thank you to everybody who participated, volunteered, exhibited, and our major sponsor Cisco who all made this our best event yet! And thank you to Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne for the great photos!

WOR_v2016.1 Hardware Hacking Hardware Hacking 2

Kiera’s hardware hacking session was one of the most popular breakouts of the day.

2016_01_29_1NTERRUPT_110307 2016_01_29_1NTERRUPT_084116

UTILITAL’s (our fake municipal utility) traffic lights and water filtration system. Treasure Hunt participants needed to hack their way back in to the network and work their way to the affected control systems to restore operations.

SCADAandMe WOR_v2016_auditorium

Some of the swag – SCADA and Me and the highly sought-after Snort calendar – for all of those participants. We’re going to need a bigger space.

Technocopia_robot Victor Pacheco Mark Spencer

Technocopia never fails to bring very cool stuff. This time, the robot skeleton. We also had interactive computer-based art displays from Victor Pacheco and Mark Spencer, as well as Chris Markman’s always-popular drones.