Past: ORH_v2015.1

2015 was our second Worcester event and our first at Worcester Academy. We nearly tripled our attendance from our first event, introduced the Treasure Hunt, and had a couple of industry heavyweight speakers – Marty Roesch (the creator of Snort and founder of Sourcefire, now part of Cisco) and Martin McKeay of Akamai Technologies. Adam Metterville also shot a great promo video at the event and was kind enough to get some photos, including all of those here.



In our first Treasure Hunt, teams of newly-appointed “penetration testers” had to locate wifi access points to fix vulnerabilities and find the bad guy who was leaking data from X-Station, our fictitious online gaming company.


We were very excited to have Marty spend his Saturday afternoon with us and share how he went from creating Snort in his dorm, starting Sourcefire in his living room, and what it was like to have Cisco acquire Sourcefire for $2.7 billion!

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We took some time to demo how devices leak data that can give away your personal information without you even knowing it. Remember to disable WiFi when you leave your house!