Get Ready! ORH v2018.1 Is Coming Soon!

Our fifth Worcester event – yes, we’re entering our fifth year already! – is scheduled for 1/27/18 at Mass Academy in Worcester. We’ll have updated advanced breakout sessions, some of your favorite and some new exhibitors, and we’ve expanded the Treasure Hunt and moved it into the cloud, which means we can get right to the fun stuff without a bunch of set up. As always, make sure you review the FAQ for our list of supported devices and required apps (which is really small for Mac and Linux users, and non-existent for Windows users).

The event page has all of the details and registration link.

We’re happy to welcome back our longest-running exhibitor Technocopia, as well as Petricore Games for their second year. We’ll be welcoming the Happy Hacker Society for their first appearance, and there will be more to follow.

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See you soon!

About Marc Blackmer

Marc is the founder of 1NTERRUPT and has been in the IT and cybersecurity fields since 1998. He is a product marketing manager for industry solutions in Cisco Systems' Security Business Group, focusing on cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). He also blogs on IoT security on behalf of Cisco at