Devices and Software


*** Updated support for Chromebooks – Please see below ***

Please see the status of each of the major operating systems below. You will need a remote desktop (RDP) client utility installed on your machine, and you may need administrative privileges to install it. Most versions of Windows already include the Remote Desktop client, so no further installation is required. Please plan on performing this installation in advance of the event.

  1. Microsoft Windows (tested/supported)
    1. Windows typically includes the Remote Desktop client, so no further installation should be required. Be sure to double-check your apps to confirm that you have it.
  2. Apple OS-X (tested/supported)
    1. The Apple App Store includes a Microsoft Remote Desktop utility that you can download for free.
  3. Linux – Debian-based (tested/supported)
    1. We recommend using rdesktop, which is available for free and is executed from the command line.
    2. We have also successfully tested Remote Desktop Viewer which is a free utility.
  4. Google Chromebook (tested/conditionally supported)
    1. If your Chromebook runs a version of ChromeOS that supports Android apps, then you can use the free Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Android. Please see this article to check whether your Chromebook will support Android apps.

Mobile Devices (not supported)

Mobile devices are not supported. While many will run the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, the experience for this environment is sub-optimal and we do not recommend using them. A large tablet with a keyboard could work, but we still recommend using a laptop of any of the flavors above.