Code of Conduct (Participants)

1.) Be cool to others

2.) Hack only what is yours and only what you have explicit permission from the owner to hack – like the Treasure Hunt

3.) Use only our WiFi, and if you’re not sure which is ours, please ask. We may hide some wireless networks in the Treasure Hunt, and if you think you’ve found one of these, please ask us before joining that network. We’ll also let you know which ones are completely off limits;

4.) You can take down the Treasure Hunt if you think you’re capable, but only under these conditions:

  • Wait until we give you the green light. We want everybody to have a chance to finish before the network could be rendered unusable;
  • You need to share your attack methods with us. Knowledge is power and we’re all here to help each other out;
  • DoS’ing is lame, so don’t bother;
  • Absolutely no installation of malware.