Code of Conduct (Volunteers)

1NTERRUPT is 100% volunteer-owned and operated. And the #1 goal of those who volunteer is to ensure that the students who participate have a great time in a fun and safe environment. All of our volunteers – this includes event staff, breakout leaders, speakers, exhibitors, etc. – must agree to the following code of conduct. A signed copy of this code of conduct is required to volunteer/exhibit at all of our events.

As a volunteer, I will:

– Pass a background check (process varies by locale – please contact your local chapter for details);
– Be dependable, recognizing the commitment and responsibility to my volunteer assignment;
– Treat participants, staff, and other volunteers with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration;
– Avoid situations where I am alone with a participant at/or outside of the event;
– Conduct myself in a manner that is befitting a positive organizational image;
– Show up on time and dressed appropriately for the scheduled event;
– Contact the Volunteer Coordinator if I cannot fulfill my obligation as assigned;
– Abstain from the use of photo, audio, or other recording equipment unless authorized;
– Respect all confidential information;
– Comply with mandated reporting in cases of suspected child and vulnerable adult abuse or neglect;
– Respect and use all equipment appropriately and as required for my assignment;
– Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with participants;
– Report suspicious activities to the Volunteer Coordinator;
– Smile and have fun!

As a volunteer, I will not:

– Use abusive language towards participants, staff, or other volunteers;
– Be discourteous or rude to participants, staff, or other volunteers;
– Promote any political or religious agenda;
– Give unsolicited gifts to participants;
– Use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time during the event;
– Smoke or use tobacco-type products around participants;
– Verbally, physically, or visually harass a participant, staff member, or other volunteer.